I just noticed there is a YouTube mix of Dougie MacLean videos. Good old YouTube! I thought if I had converted anyone with that one link to his Eternity the other day, that same person or persons might like to hear a bit more.


Listening, I can hear the similarities to James Taylor. Yes, I know it’s not cool, but I also like James Taylor. You may be interested to know, though probably not, that James Taylor’s concert at the O2 a year or two ago was one of the two only concerts I have ever been to. The other one was Bryan Ferry. I have never seen so many people of my own age in one room – I used to think all the old hippies had been whisked away in a spaceship to some other planet. And dancing! How could they?

But James Taylor – I couldn’t believe I was breathing the same air as James Taylor, in the same room. We were right up in the gods, and he was very far down. To be honest, all we could see was this little matchstick figure, the lights shining off the top of his head, the occasional flash of light from his guitar. The real James Taylor!

But Dougie – in a way it’s sad, to see someone on film in different eras of their life – first young, then old, then young again, the voice getting younger and older too, or rather in Dougie’s case more and more seasoned. I caught myself thinking, goodness, he’s got old – but he’s still younger than me. You don’t think about that, do you? Everyone else gets old.

Well, and I thought I couldn’t be a music blogger.

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