I wrote previously of my Cunning Plan and Firm Intention to write 1,000 words a day each of fiction and non-fiction, the idea being to keep the Little Grey Cells in working order. Well, I think unless I’m having a superhumanly good day, it’s going to have to be one or the other. Non-fiction is quick to write but fiction takes twice, even three times as long, and it’s a long time since I wrote any fiction.

I checked out the prompt sites again and decided to begin with a series of three-item prompts – they provide you with three random items and you have to write a story to include them. I’ve tried this before and it’s not so easy, but then the point is to be Cognitively Challenged.

My first prompt  turns out to be(heavy sigh!) :

  1. Stolen ring
  2. Fear of spiders
  3. Sinister stranger

I have an idea about the spiders, and indeed about the stolen ring and the sinister stranger, but first I need to go and visit Mum. Whether I will feel much like creative writing when I come back remains to be seen. Shall I publish the end result here? Even if it’s awful?

I also challenged myself to (attempt to) read all 2,000 or so paperback novels in my possession. I have polished off Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart – but then that one’s very short. I have now made a start on Brick Lane by Monica Ali which should take quite a bit longer.

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