Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Extract from blog : Blue, with Stars : 2003 – 2006

Long, tiring day starting off with a visit to the vet with Rosie & Ozzie. Got told off by the receptionist for bringing Ozzie as well, even though they had sent me a card to remind me his booster injection was due. Then the vet, having done Ozzie, decided Rosie might be too young after all for her first injection and come back next week. Of course, every time you come back it costs more money. Apart from Rosie and Ozzie, the remaining three cats are due for boosters within the next month or so. Mum says in her youth they didn’t take cats to vets, and they lived on table scraps. I wonder how people managed (and still manage) to apply such different standards of care to animals and human beings. Any old chain-smoking alcoholic overweight human being and other humans will take endless trouble to make sure he/she receives the best of medical attention but a cat – waste of money.

I’ve started reading Northern Lights the first part of Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy *. I know it’s a children’s book but having read and enjoyed Harry Potter I decided good children’s books are not to be ignored. At first I didn’t think I was going to like it – it seemed very slow to get going and he hasn’t got quite J K Rowling’s knack of appearing to be writing simultaneously for children and adults in the same language – in other words avoiding the faint but irritating feeling of being talked down to, and being expected to have an alien (ie childish) set of perceptions and interests. At first his parallel universe didn’t really convince me but now the story is getting moving and I do find myself looking forward to the next few minutes I can snatch to real it.

* which for some reason is also called The Golden Compass, but does seem to be the same book nevertheless.

Rosie’s just decided to come and help me type this, so I might as well give up. She is still tiny but not quite so wizened-looking now – more kitten, less gnome. And my first black cat. Now all I need is a broomstick!

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