Some time today I am expecting my Canadian sister and brother-in-law to arrive from Oop North, where they landed. I mean where their aeroplane landed; they didn’t actually flap all the way over from Alberta like snow geese or, you know, some other long-distance-type bird.

My sister will be staying with me for a week, then a bit of a gap, then back with me for another three days. Things will almost certainly go a bit peculiar for the next week, blogging-wise as I find it difficult to write unless alone (cats don’t count). I suspect no one would have noticed my temporary absence from the blogosphere – but I’m a worrier so I’ve scheduled one or two ‘retro’ items to appear, as if by magic, during Visitation week.

I will attempt to keep some kind of notes of our daily micro-adventures – it’s always interesting to see the UK from a Canadian (or indeed any other nationality’s) perspective. Things you take for granted, assumptions you make – suddenly exposed. And occasionally I pick up a factette or two about life in Canada. Maybe at the end of the week I can sort and refine my handbag-full pencil jottings and upload them, before getting back into my normal regime.

Ah well, here we go. Canadians ahoy!

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