Underwater fireworks

In my last-but-one post I managed – finally – by accident to embed a YouTube video – I mean the actual video not just a naff old link. And couldn’t for the life of me work out how I did it. Sigh!

So I’ve been mining the WordPress Codex – whatever that might be – to discover the secret of embedding videos, and might just have cracked it.

So, if this works, it will be Spem in Alium, 40 voice motet by Thomas Tallis.

Underwater fireworks.

Heaven on earth.

Yay!!  Turn up the volume.

9 thoughts on “Underwater fireworks

  1. What’s hilarious about this to me, is that I too just discovered accidentally the same thing Saturday morning (as evidenced by a blog post from that day). What happened was I was trying to put in a link with the little link icon in the editor, and couldn’t get it to work properly.

    So in exasperation I just plopped it (the link) down on the page, and wallaa! Embedded video, which I realize now makes sense, since youtube changed something to make it basically automatic sometime in the past (not sure when)….


    1. Well, I’m so relieved it wasn’t just me. I’m not much of a one for reading instructions, so it’s my own fault. It’s just one of those things that are so obvious – once you know. I didn’t know the YouTube bit. I thought it was some kind of magic!

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