My first selfie


Took first ever selfie on the Kindle Fire. Think must always have had camera pointing backwards  before. Nasty shock can’t possibly look like THAT. Resolved only ever to be photographed in hat, sunglasses and iron mask in future.

So – above is a picture of George about to whip up a late night omelette or possibly some rock cakes.


And this is Henry contemplating his very fine tail.


Fifi being Fifi.


And Little Arf wondering what the rectangular object is.

3 thoughts on “My first selfie

  1. Oh! What a treat to see them and get a glimpse of their characters. As for selfies, the only answer is to buy a selfie stick. I feel the distance it puts between me and the camera makes the difference. When I visited Venice last year, there were so many of them that I felt part of a jousting tournament (I only get my ‘stick’ out when far from the madding crowd). Don’t give up on it. 😸

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