Dear Genius

I was inspired by this post at Algebra of Owls poetry magazine, to write a little poem.

Predictably, I suppose, he finds himself inundated with Owl Poems.

So I thought I might write an Algebra Poem… but not submit it since to do so might cause some sort of meltdown or, worse still, set a precedent.

So here is my little Algebra Poem, which I decided to call Dear Genius:

I am the x of you and you the y

You are the y of me and I the z

You the √ of me – as I of you.

I ± you, you ± me

You the ≡ of me and I of you.

 Truth to tell, Dear Genius, we

Are versions of ∞

2 always meant be as 1

Never ÷ meant to be

 But there you are…

 And here am I…


With any luck this post will triple my ‘traffic’ since Mathematicians and Algebraists from all corners of the globe – if a globe can said to be have corners, mathematically speaking – may feel compelled to visit to tell me I got the symbols wrong.


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