The Sea of Hull

Yay! La Leadsom est suddenly disparu in a puff of green smoke!

Sorry about the Franglais but I just had to on this occasion. I was driving when news of her withdrawal from the Prime Ministerial contest came over the radio. If it had been possible to do a wheelie in a Skoda Fabia half way up the A2, I do believe I would have.

blue 2.jpg

To continue the blue-green theme: Three thousand two hundred blue-green, naked people in Hull.


(Hull: part of Oop North.)

The blue-green people came together to make yet another art installation, this time choreographed by American photographer Spencer Tunick. Nerve-wracking as it is to be British at the moment, it’s getting to be almost fun. I can’t remember …well, any time I could have said 5.jpg


I gather it wasn’t a very warm day but then we Brits are used to stoical huddling behind wind-breaks on the beach in March and being drenched at bus-stops all year round. Stretching out in the middle of the road must have been uncomfortable, though. The oldest participant was eighty.

The actual title of the installation is Sea of Hull. Hull is a port so it symbolises the city’s maritime connections. The Sea will be returning to Hull in 2017 as part of its City of Culture celebrations.

Do you think they felt any less bare because they were blue?

7 thoughts on “The Sea of Hull

  1. Apparently most people felt awkward/terrified for about 2 minutes. After that it was a case of looking at clothed people and saying “why the heck have you got those on”. We adapt very quickly. If I had known about this in advance I might have volunteered. Only just up the road. Sort of. ‘Ooop north indeed!!!

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  2. That image of doing a wheelie in a Skoda on the A2 will stay with me for a while … and my smile couldn’t be broader. Yay indeed! Never thought I’d be welcoming a Tory PM, but it could have been so much worse. (Don’t even get me started on Gove…)

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    1. Yes – I’d love to have seen the advert. I’m not sure what would put me off most, the cold, the nakedness or the all-over blue paint. I bet it was difficult to get off – I saw an old gent being interviewed on TV afterwards and although he had showered there was still blue paint in his ears!

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