Just to let you know that I haven’t forgotten you.

Neither have I been marched away by the Blog Police and tossed into a dismal pit, probably with adders or scorpions.

I’ve been learning a new job – this is the first of four weeks of training. After that I go part time.

It’s something to do with telesales.

It involves an awful lot of databases and buttons you have to click.

It means you have to type numbers with your right hand, although left-handed, whilst making cheery conversation.

I have run out of corners in my head in which to stuff stuff into.

I have forgotten how to write a sentence that doesn’t end in a – whatever ‘into’ is. Possibly a dangling modifier.

I have new glasses but my eyes don’t seem to want to look out of them.

Today I attended a demonstration of different types of fancy bread, and even got to eat little samples of it. It tasted nice, for bread, but would have been nicer with butter.

I was not sure what was the correct thing to say about the bread, so I just kept chewing, and smiling every now and then.

I was given an enormous plastic jar of pasta sauce for free.

My heels are raw where new sandals have rubbed them.

I do not look right in office clothes.

But I do my best.

I have driven through a whole succession of traffic jams and rush hours twice a day for three days.

I had to run the air-conditioning to cool the steering-wheel down enough to grasp it.

I am very, very tired.

Hey ho, I’ll get over it. Sooner or later an idea for a proper post will come prancing into my head and next minute – eight hundred words of hilarious something-or-other.

3 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Bon courage and hats off to you. Such an experience is so draining but, sadly, is a means to an end. Soon you can escape into our world again and I’m looking forward to your return 🌻🌸💐

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