Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire…

This morning I wobbled downstairs (I’ve not been well) to find the cats had torn down the net curtains. Either that or I’ve got a hefty ghost who likes to swing from the curtains in the dead of night. Ah well, I thought, at least whatever this bug is it hasn’t killed me yet. Net curtains are just another thing to add to the list. The actual hook that the net curtain wire had been attached to had been pulled out of the wall, complete with rawlplug.

A rawlplug, for those ladies fortunate enough never to have needed to find out, is one of the dullest tiny objects possible. It is a plastic fixing, often red, the purpose of which is to keep a screwy-type-thing in a hole in the wall. Except, in this case, it wasn’t.

Having manoeuvred my pliers from the back a drawer that only opens half way I had a half-hearted go at pliering the screwy-thing and split remains of the red rawlplug back into the hole in the wall and reattaching the curtains. It sort of stayed there.

Until it fell out again.

Then I came over all weak and sweaty and had to sit down for half an hour. I put on the TV whilst awaiting the next surge of energy: the Bank of England had decided to put the interest rate on savings down to 0.25%; the American basketball team didn’t like the look of the accommodation at the Olympic Games so they were being accommodated on a luxury cruise liner moored in Rio de Janeiro harbour instead, surrounded by guards and fences; according to a recent survey people were taking internet detoxes – going camping for a week, or on healthy hiking expeditions and so on – because they had realised they were hooked on their tech. I kept hearing that John Lennon song:

I read the news today oh boy

Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire…

After which I removed the net curtains from the window altogether and threw them into the washing machine for safe-keeping.

After which I closed the curtains to stop passing neighbours ever looking in again, even accidentally. Problem solved.

After which one of the cats was sick on the carpet. I contemplated it for quite a while. The sick, not the cat.

After which I did quite a lot of washing including the net curtains which I had forgotten to take out.

After which I watched three-quarters of Homes Under The Hammer followed by final quarter of Stargate – the episode where their future selves all get riddled with futuristic bullets in a heroic attempt to get a bloodstained note back through the stargate to warn their past selves not to come to this particular planet (I’d seen it before).

For the third day running there were no letters.

It was somewhat dark in the living room with the curtains closed, but not unpleasant.

After which I ate a digestive biscuit and a yoghurt and then wished very much that I hadn’t.

10 thoughts on “Four thousand holes in Blackburn, Lancashire…

  1. Thank you for taking the trouble to journal your experiences, in the midst of your illness. I, too, hope you’ll be better very soon.

    I’d never stopped to consider that particular line in A Day in the Life before. But I just had to look (at a video of the song). Now I know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall… 😉

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  2. Get well soon! Remember to eat more than a digestive biscuit and a yoghurt to keep your strength up. Drink plenty fluids.

    Huh, you learn something new every day: I’ve always said “Rawplug”, I didn’t know it had an ‘l’ in it and never seen it written down before.

    That’s a good Stargate episode.. and they still end up meeting the Aschen later😊

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    1. Well, I think it’s got an ‘l’ in it – it does seems an unnecessary letter.

      Hooray – company: someone else who likes Stargate, and remembers what happens in each episode. I thought I was unique.

      I am managing to eat a bit more now, thank you. On the mend, no doubt. : )

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