Just Tell Daisy

I was just emailing Daisy and mentioned in passing I was going to have to resort to another of Mum’s Old Recipe Book recipes as alternative blogging inspiration had failed to strike – when it did. Second time it’s happened. So, that’s the cure for Writer’s Block then – just tell Daisy.

I do despair of myself some days…

most days…

every day, in fact…

because I can’t seem to focus. I have the attention span of a gnat and the persistence of… something that’s not very persistent… can’t actually think of anything (ideas?)

I can’t seem to be able to manage anything sensible and business-like.

I’ve been trying to activate my dormant Crafting gene in order to have stuff to sell at the Artisan Market. Up to now all my ‘creativity’ seems to have gone into writing but now that seems to have worn itself out, or at least the fiction-creating part of it. But surely, I thought, I could make like Canadian Sister and Make Interesting Stuff. Trouble is, though both of us have the gene for inventing, neither of us seem to have the gene for selling or being able to conceive of what might sell. She is always getting into trouble at the Seniors Craft Group in her local community centre for not wanting to knit dishcloths and insisting instead on trying out green and purple crocheted elephants. “Elephants Don’t Sell” the Seniors are always telling her. “Dishcloths Do.”

“But how do you know my Elephants Won’t Sell if you won’t even Put One On Your Stall? How are people to know there is the Possibility of Elephants when all they are ever presented with are Dishcloths?”

I paraphrase and possibly exaggerate here, but you see what I mean.

I have been trying to force myself to make sensible little items – “small objects of desire” as the phrase used to be – but what comes out is weird stuff – eccentric items that surely Won’t Sell – a miniature Dr Who scarf, for example – so many possible uses:

  • Winter wrist-warmer
  • Granny Chic bracelet (I have only just discovered Granny Chic, unfortunately you have to be no older than twenty-two to wear it)
  • Must-have addition to Teddy’s wardrobe?

Or the Dancing Doorknob Cat (don’t ask) or the Two-Tailed Catnip Mice (my cats look askance at them) or the Odd-Eyed Lucky Fish. I can visualise the potential customers at the Artisan Market – that army of muffin-topped, much-tattooed, legging-wearing, toddler-toting females – and somehow I can’t see them going for the Dancing Doorknob Cat even if I label it Shabby Chic. Shabby Chic, like the lurid feature wall, is much in vogue here still. Granny Chic hasn’t got here yet and probably never will.

Canadian Sister once told me she finds it difficult to make more than two iterations of any design – she just wants to move on – and I suspect I’m the same. No wonder she hated doing all those dishcloths. I’m sick of the sight of Two-Tailed Mice already.

And now I’ve discovered Pinterest. For years Pinterest was just a nuisance to me, popping up all over the internet and interrupting my browsing. I didn’t know what it was for, to be honest. And then I saw someone on the business programme explaining it was a search engine, like Google, but for images, and the penny dropped. I registered. Now, far from constantly clicking on that little ‘x’ in the corner to get rid of it because I didn’t want to enter my email address, I’m hooked on Pinterest.

But now I am both fascinated and depressed. Fascinated because there’s an Aladdin’s Cave of beautiful, creative, wonderful stuff being produced all over the globe. But depressed because – too overwhelmingly many un-have-able (by-me) crafting ideas. Too wonderful ever to be emulated by a spare-room Lucky Fish manufacturer like me. I feel like Mrs Macron standing next to Milania Trump – like, why bother being a svelte, elegant, Parisian older woman when there’s that towering above me?

Ah well, on with the motley. Tomorrow, maybe, a patchwork bag with a Two-Tailed Mouse poking out of the pocket…

dr who cat


9 thoughts on “Just Tell Daisy

  1. aha! with you here on all scores! Loved the dishcloth/elephant scenario 🙂 I’ve been overdosing on journalling / scrapbooking via YouTube tutorials [sigh]…. and know what you mean about Pininterest, definitely a dreamers destination… (well for me, anyway)

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    1. It just shows, really, that it’s possible to not-fit-into almost any social situation, at any level, if that’s how you’re made. 🙂

      I am going to find out more about scrapbooking and journaling now. I keep bumping into those words but have never been sure what they involved.

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    1. Hi Maggie, I’ve been googling bullet journal too and found this link http://bulletjournal.com/get-started/ which seems to suggest it’s a notebook for writing endless bullet-pointed lists in, but with lots of onerous rules attached. Whatever happened to the scrap of paper and stub of blunt pencil, I wonder? Dancing Doorknob Cat – well, I made a cat out of cloth and it looked a bit dull, so I kind of twisted the ears and legs at funny angles and gave it a little cloth hankie to wave like a Morris Dancer, and then I twisted it a bit more. I don’t know why…

      And then I thought, how could you market such a thing and I thought, you could hang it on a doorknob and it might sort of dance about a bit in the breeze (the breeze that is always blowing around the inside of houses) and so I added a ribbon loop to the top of its head, and so…

      Perhaps I’d better stop now?

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      1. Yes, I was mystified by the re-packaging of journaling – to me, the whole idea of “Dear Diary” is to be as free as possible as you chase down your thoughts. I think I’ll give the bullet thing wide berth –

        Your description of a Morris Dancing Cat makes me smile – but I’m the last one to suggest what might or might not work at a craft stall. I am not at all “crafty” with my hands.

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  2. Well it seems we have yet another of those synchronous life-moving-along-parallel-lines things going on!

    I attempt to sell unneeded and largely unwanted items at the ‘Big Craft and Vintage Fair’ each month in my local town hall. As a non-driver, everything has to be transported in a wheelie suitcase (so lucky I make miniatures). I create steampunk figures and items. Apart from the tiny scrying mirrors (sell like hot cakes in Glastonbury!!) and potion bottles, everything is OOAK, which I learned is an acronym for One Of A Kind, because I too get bored quickly and have no desire to reinvent the crazy goggle-wearing airship pilot or the steampunk bride whose dress took an entire week to make.
    Then, because I still enjoy writing, I create convoluted back stories for my little people and stick them on my other blog (www.steampunk-shrunk.com)
    Not sure which gives me the most pleasure – the making or the writing (or perhaps the occasional selling) – but together they keep my need to create happy.

    I’d LOVE to see your stall, and would probably end up buying half the items. I just love quirky and original! Best of luck with your endeavours.

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    1. This is getting almost spooky! I like the sound of your tiny steampunk figures etc. I think I found a photo to illustrate one of my posts, of eccentric little robots made out of tins, washers etc. Without losing my place in this answer I can’t look it up. I should imagine Glastonbury is an excellent place for selling the kind of things you make. Where I am is more car boot territory, although if I ever manage to make enough items I could, in theory, take Mum’s shopping trolley on the train to a market in Canterbury, which is a bit more arty.

      It takes so long to make even one as I’m still in the ‘product development’ stage, which sounds posher than struggling to think of things and then making trial and error versions of them. I’ve ditched the dancing doorknob cat idea (keeping it on my sewing room doorknob as a dire warning) but am trying out machine patchwork – used to do the hand-sewn stuff back in the 70s – and am today attempting to make a patchwork boho bag with the assistance of a succession of overheated and moulting cats.

      Could you perhaps sell little copies of your back stories along with the steampunk figures? I will visit your other website. 🙂 Will also look up scrying mirror!

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