Flavorful? Eeeeeeeugh!

There is no such word as flavorful – or if there is there jolly well oughtn’t to be. What’s wrong with flavoursome (or flavorsome, if you’re American and determined to leave out the ‘u’)?

Or tasty? or piquant? or delicious? or savoury for that matter? Or scrumptious or yummy if you feel like going downmarket?


What a truly horrible word that is! Just seeing it in print has ruined what’s left of my day.

I refuse to write a post about it.

3 thoughts on “Flavorful? Eeeeeeeugh!

    1. No, I think there was a conscious reform of spelling in America and that Noah Webster (of the dictionary) may have been partly behind it. It is logical to leave out the ‘u’ but ‘colorful’, for example, ‘sounds’ inside the head of a British English speaker when reading, something like ‘coll-aw-full whereas ‘colourful’ sounds like ‘ cull-er-full’. What I do find difficult is the single ‘l’. ‘Canceled’ reads to me line ‘can-sealed’ whereas ‘cancelled’ reads as ‘ can-slld’.

      I read quite a lot of American books, blogs and internet articles and have almost, but not quite, got to the point where I can switch back and forth without noticing. 🙂


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