Ow! (Ow Ow!)

Well, this will be my first one-armed post. So probably quite a short one.

Cat (appropriately, three-legged cat) turned round and bit me as I foolishly tried to stop him biting another cat. I suppose, if thinking at all, I was thinking – a three-legged cat, what harm can he do? Four very sharp teeth punctured my left hand full force, and now of course it has gone All Funny. Hand swollen up like a balloon. Cannot open tins with either hand, since I am strongly left-handed and yes, the left hand is the disabled one. Am having to feed them Felix pouches ordered in big boxes from Amazon and opened painfully with scissors. They love Felix but the pouch version costs the earth. At this rate there will be no presents for anybody next Christmas or the Christmas after that.

So, I cannot drive (just bought a replacement car) and cannot write. This morning got yet another email asking me for my meter readings. Thought a bit, then typed the numbers right-handed into my phone. Rest of the time am reduced to watching TV, ice pack clamped to hand, filth and chaos multiplying all around.

When I went to the hospital yesterday (on the bus, with Bertie, who isn’t very well either) they looked at me reprovingly and asked me why I hadn’t come in yesterday morning, when it happened. Well, I didn’t really realise it was going to almost immediately start looking like some kind of vile swamp and blow up like a balloon. I assumed it would just sort of go away… eventually.

Three things:

a) Apparently 90% of the British population is naturally immune to Tetanus nowadays. They immunise children for it as babies, it seems. They don’t like wasting tetanus shots so they do a little blood test on you first, and I am one of the 10% with no immunity. So, a tetanus shot in either arm and four more still to come.

b) They have put me on these very strong antibiotics which nurse describes, encouragingly, as “the Domestos of all antibiotics”. She tells me it would be best not to read the contra-indications in the leaflet inside the box. Antibiotics usually make me feel queasy, but oddly these haven’t. Neither have they reduced the size of the swollen hand, yet. The pain-killers are making me feel queasy.

c) I am instructed if the redness reaches my elbow or begins to track upwards “like veins” I am to make my way immediately to Accident and Emergency fifteen or twenty miles away. Over Christmas. With no buses, no trains, and unable to drive. Thankfully, so far no tracking.

Ah, tis indeed the season to be Merry!



6 thoughts on “Ow! (Ow Ow!)

  1. Oh dear. 😦 Well, I’m deeply glad you have another car, but just as deeply sorry to hear of your wounding! I don’t know if this would help (it helped with my bordering-on-insane cat), but maybe keep a large sheet of cardboard or even a thin pillow around to grab to drop between two warring kitties (or one warrior and one defensive). The almost passive interruption actually interrupted the conflagration by total surprise and saved me a hand or two on more than one occasion.

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  2. Oh my God, I’m so sorry!!! I knew cat bites can be troublesome, but I’ve never heard of one swelling up so quickly and painfully. I’m glad you were able to get to the doctor and get some drugs, even if they do have side effects you’d rather not know about. And if you see those lines going up your arm, just call an ambulance. I would wish you Merry Christmas, but I’m not so sure that’s appropriate. So instead I’ll just say that I’ll be thinking of you and wishing for a speedy healing and a respite from the back luck that seems to have been headed your way lately. I hope 2018 is a good year. You deserve it!!

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    1. Thank you, Ann. I have just been doing yet more one-handed washing up. It reminded me of the hilarious novel Cold Comfort Farm (by Stella Gibbons) in which Flora wins the admiration of Adam by going out and buying a dishmop to replace his traditional method of scraping at the dishes with a “clettering stick”. With one rubber glove and a brush no more use than a stick in my bandaged hand, I felt I now had first hand experience of the rural art of “clettering”.

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  3. Yikes! I hope recovery is quick and complete. I recall my fairy godmother talking about a cat bite once – how horrific the reaction – similar to what you describe. Best wishes for a two-handed New Year, if not Christmas!

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