Star Voyage: 1 and 2


You find me becalmed here
Adrift and alone
My star voyage fated to fail – 
He that I loved was my anchor
He that I lost was my sail.


Now I am the sailor and I am the helm
And the wind’s blowing fierce in my sail;
And I am these timbers both seasoned and salty
And I have no reason to fail.

I cut them adrift and they took their own courses,
I cut through the hawsers that bound them to me;
One went to the westward and one to the eastward;
One lost in the sea-foam behind –

But I never looked back, and from island to island
From here to horizon, through sun-scorch and rain
I sailed on untrammelled and rarely companioned
To barter my wares on each new shining strand.

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