The Bridge

Still snowed in and woefully unvisited, but now freezing rain on top. Still one-finger typing as desktop banjaxed. Sigh! It does tend to turn one philosophical.

So here goes. Small amount of dense New Age stuff coming up. Won’t take offence if you tune out and opt for daytime TV instead.

Do you believe in Other Lives? I believe I do, as far as it is possible to believe anything when you have no way of knowing. I’ve never been big on Faith but I suppose I do rely on instinct -that internal tuning.

Somewhat suss, of course, that believing seems to become more urgent the older I get. As a teenager at the Methodist I couldn’t help noticing that two thirds of our congregation were elderly ladies, their quavery descants far outweighing those few bass voices. Someone remarked then that people tend to return to religion when they start to get scared of what is or might be to come.

The most  acceptable explanation of Life, Death, the Universe and all that, that I have found so far, is The Michael Teachings. These are [claimed to be] channeled through receptive humans from a collective of advanced souls known, at its own suggestion, as Michael. There are other such entities – Seth, for one.

The Teachings say that human essences (souls) are tiny sparks of consciousness cast out by the Tao/God, in its immense and restless creativity. We/It are here, temporarily, on this lowest plane – the physical – to learn through lives we selected and partly designed in advance, to suit our spiritual purposes. The most relevant of the lessons we learn are recorded, by our essence, which survives beyond the death of the body and this life’s chosen personality.

The idea is that this all enriches God, or that the Tao/God becomes conscious of itself/experiences itself through us – those little sparks. Without us there would be no It, and without It no us. We strive, through many lifetimes of struggle, to reunite ourselves with God, or if you like to remember what we are, and have always been.

There’s no way of knowing, of course, you just have to follow your inner compass.

I must say, at this point, that there is a whole lot of human-originating ‘tosh’ piggy-backing on the Michael Teachings – or so it ‘feels’ to me. Stuff about planetary influences, soul ages, precise numbers of lives and a hierarchy of spiritual planes, body types and personality ‘overleaves’ of which I am deeply suspicious. It’s a bit like a game of Chinese Whispers, with every channel adding his or her own little human obsession and peculiarity to it – or that’s what it ‘feels’.

You may notice this if you read The Michael Handbook (Stevens and Warwick-Smith), which is a good introduction, though it gets too specific for my liking as it goes on. This is the problem I have with it -it reminds me of the husband of a friend, who spent his whole life designing train timetables for British Rail and was one of the dullest chaps I ever met.

I can’t believe that God would get bogged down in so much tedious detail, or would bother to catalogue and label things like some Victorian biologist. God ‘feels’ fluid to me, like something boiling and churning with joy, or delight, or creativity – yes, something playing.

So, other lives. My feeling, along with Michael, is that all lives are happening at once, but also enternally – this is not difficult to conceive of  once you ditch the idea of time as anything but a convenient illusion – and that some part of us has remained behind – or exists in parallel – and is observing all of these lives. What happens in one life may influence what happens in another, or many others. We may be able to move between lives at will, or choose to live some ‘future’ lives in what seems, from here, to be the past.

And maybe this cycle goes on and on for ever, though you could choose not to reincarnate once your work was done. For when would God/ the Tao ever cease to create?

Increasingly, as I get older, I have an unsettling sense that my this-life memories are being rifled through, and not by ‘me’ -scanned, but so fast I can only get a vague sense of it. And at the same time – and the same unfollowable speed – I begin to ‘remember’ tiny flashes of lives that are not this life – faces, flying as if with wings, landscapes, battles, feelings. Lost knowledge being retrieved, fresh knowledge being recorded or ordered in some way.

To me this feels like the beginnings of a bridging process. Maybe lives are not suddenly cut off or suddenly created but blend seamlessly into one another, with sometimes a rest or transition period in between. So, at the end of our lives there begins a gentle preparation – by some inaccessible part of us – for the Change. What we have learned is retrieved and re-ordered; what we ‘forgot’when we arrived here begins to return, in minute glimpses.

And at the beginning of the next life, in babyhood, the reverse process -a gentle forgetting of our origins and purpose; a clearing of the decks and a restructuring so that a new life’s learning can begin.

Phew! Cup of tea and sandwich definitely required at this point!

9 thoughts on “The Bridge

  1. I’ve not come across the Michael Teachings before, although I’ve read / explored most religions / beliefs at one time or another. i think I may take the time to have a read.

    The sandwich, though…you have bread now? hopefully not filled with dry cat food…

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    1. Yes, defrosted a loaf from the freezer BUT blasted cat Snoots comprehensively licked /ruined my last lump of cheddar when my back was turned. GoCat levels steadily decreasing. Mutiny may result if Amazon don’t get through with the next giant sackfull today, as promised.

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      1. Yes, it is getting a bit depressing now. I’ve had no post since Monday. Don’t realise how reliant you are on things in the outside continuing to work, particularly if you live a long way from anywhere. When my routine is disrupted I can’t seem to concentrate to do even stuff it would be possible to do. Roll on summer!

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  2. Not big on the Micheal idea, sounds very complicated. I much prefer the simpler philosophy, God is love/ love is God. (I’ve always found “truths” to be simple lol!) I do hope though that you’ll soon be out of isolation and meanwhile are well supplied with tea and yummies etc. Thankfully we’ve only caught the edge of the snow etc. down here in London. It’s been inconvenient – thank God for ski gloves, thermal leggings, a down coat and wool socks, but such a hassle putting it all on and off and having to edge my way down the steep hill I live on! I feel kind of stupid holding the railings at the steep bit and Wednesday my 12 year old grandson had to take my arm in some places to keep me from slipping – gorgeous scenery though! Keep warm, it will soon be over!

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  3. I kind of like that idea of our lives not being created or suddenly cut off, but rather just shifting. The death of my body doesn’t scare me, but I really don’t like the thought that the part of me that thinks and perceives the world…the essence of me….will be gone forever. That just feels too weird.

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  4. I love your concept of God; ‘God โ€˜feelsโ€™ fluid to me, like something boiling and churning with joy, or delight, or creativity โ€“ yes, something playing.’
    Sounds exactly right to me and the general idea behind the Michael teachings feels about right too..

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