This is my new umbrella term, as sociologists used to love to intone in the sixties (along with ‘dichotomy ‘) for anything either unexpected or unwanted that suddenly appears in one’s garden. Above is something my mother would probably have called a honey fungus. I wonder how big it will get?

At the bottom is something disgusting and fungus-like which has begun to grow on an old cane chair I left outside. Maybe it is some exotic type of fungus that has lain dormant within the cane since it was imported from India or Malaya or wherever. Maybe it will be like Japanese Knotweed and gradually Take Over.

In the middle is a Something that my burly  next-street-down neighbour kindly left behind in my garden, having invaded whilst I was out in order to replace a fence panel. It’s too heavy for me to lift and too big to go in my car. I was quoted £50 or £60 to remove it, the dumping fee being £30.

Or, said the Quoter gently, seeing the look on my face, you could get out the secateurs and regard it as a Little Winter Project…

14 thoughts on “Fungums

      1. He lives in the (much bigger) house that adjoins mine, at the bottom of the garden. He knows I am female, quite a bit older than him and live alone. If I still had Ex, who could be aggressive and downright rude when necessary, he would have waded in and sorted things out – loudly.

        But then if there had been any kind of Husband on the scene, even a weak and weedy one, I doubt if the man would have gone about things the same way. He’d have come round to have a chat first, and offered to take any debris away.

        Part of the tree/bush/bramble mass was growing on my side of the fence and part on his. Under British law, I recall from my time as a legal secretary, he was within his rights to ‘throw back’ any vegetation from my side that had been growing over his – though it had been there since before either of us moved in – we ‘shared’ it – and who could tell where ‘his’ bit began and ‘my’ bit ended?

        So he can get away with it, from both the brute force/superior strength and the legal point of view. It’s just whether you always have to go ahead and do something because you ‘can’, isn’t it? Gallantry and kindness towards those less powerful than ourselves, seem a bit outmoded nowadays, don’t they?

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      2. It’s sad. After all, he had to remove what he cut off on his side; how much harder would it have been to take “your share” as well? I grow weary with the fundamental meanness that seems to be the dominant spirit of our age.

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      3. Well, Rosie … I have just spent over an hour in search of the beginning of your blog. I wish WordPress would make these things easier to navigate! But … tags would be nice. They do provide tags… 🙂 Anyway, I eventually found it, the story of Felix bringing you a mouse, and en route I read so much more of your writing (really, it needs to be sorted or categorized or something to make it more accessible!!!) It’s wonderful. I wish we could sit together and just talk. I stumbled over so many shared loves (Douglas Adams – have you read the Dirk Gently novels?)

        Anyway, just thought I’d mention that.

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      4. Oh, I’m so sorry Belladonna – over an hour of my ramblings!

        If it helps, there are two ways I have worked out to find old posts on my own blog. Firstly typing in the title (or part of) into the search box, top right hand side. Secondly, if you only know the subject or want to pull up every single post containing that subject, scroll down to the very bottom of the right hand column/sidebar and there is a huge kind of array of tags. There is one for Felix, that’s how I realised, when I checked the other day, that Felix Brought me a Mouse was actually my first post.

        There used also to be a list of Categories. I’ll see if I can re-install it. It depends what device you are reading on how easy it is to spot the sidebar. It’s clear on a desktop; on a tablet you need to turn it ‘landscape ‘; on a mobile/cell you need to scroll right to the bottom of the ‘page’ I think. Haven’t tried it recently.

        I haven’t actually read the Dirk Gently novels as yet, though I knew of them. I wish we could just sit together and talk too. I am a bit isolated out here/nowadays, apart from the huge family of cats. Neither of my sisters nor, now, I suspect, any of my friends read the blog so posting is my most consistent way of chatting away to myself and anyone, anywhere, who might be listening.

        Phew! Marathon one-finger typing on the tablet!


      5. Thank you! I can’t believe I didn’t see the tag cloud … I’m sure I looked. I must be going mad. Anyway, I’ll be dipping in and out of your blog. I find your writing enormously enjoyable.

        The Dirk Gently books aren’t merely hilarious – they’re educational. I’ve used zen navigation on numerous occasions, always successfully… assuming, of course, a zen perspective on success.

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