Etsy, Itsy, Bitsy, Betsy…


Sorry – blurred again. Looks a bit like Jaws, doesn’t it? Or Moby Dick.

Why did I choose almost the only shape in the pattern book that involved inset (or ‘Y’) seams? I know why, because I was being ADD-ish. I was saying to myself Oh, rows of little houses. That one looks nice! Instead of saying, Exactly how are all those pointy bits going to fit together?

There’s one good thing – once you have completed an 18″ x 18″ cushion cover containing row after row of inset (or ‘Y’) seams having watched several unbelievably smug ladies making it look easy on YouTube, you will be as good at inset (or ‘Y’) seams as you are ever going to be.

Never again. I’ll finish (eventually) this one for Canadian Sister and stick to simple stuff from then on, especially if I might be planning to sell such items on Etsy, Itsy, Bitsy, Betsy or whatever. (Am I?) I calculate it would take a week and a half for me to complete a single cushion involving Y seams. You’d have to charge the earth to make it worthwhile, and no one’s going to know why you’re charging the earth because they are unlikely to appreciate the sheer, hellish, irritating, impossible horribleness of even one Y seam, let alone a whole cushionfull